Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mark + Ayza

It was a beautiful saturday when Mark and Ayza exchanged their vows at the Parish of St. Benedict at Don Antonio Heights in Quezon City. I was fortunate enough to witness and capture this momentous event of their lives.

I was kinda nervous because this is serious stuff yeah know. Weddings are very important since these memories will be cherished for life! I have this certain kind of pressure and weight on my shoulders that I should perform well. I do hope Mark and Ayza love my shots.

Tried capturing moments like these...emanating the bond between two lovers. Two become one... Used my trusty telephoto for this shot and Im glad i bagged it real tight! I love this shot. Love the blur on the background.

I noticed the rose at the isle., and tried to do something creative. Since i love blur., i just tried this one out and i love it! Im lovin my new lens! I just love to play with it. Theres so much you can do with it. The bad side of this lens is that., vibration stability... I really have to use high ISOs to compensate for camera shake. This shot is handheld and the venue is quite dark...thats why i have to crank up the ISO... good thing the camera im using is still amazing at ISO 3200!

Capturing moments like these is timeless! The smiles., the smirks.... Thats why im a great fan of using the 70-300m.. i just love to lock in to my targets at long range. Working on sniper mode. I placed my speed light somewhere far away... triggered by my poverty wizards, i kept shooting at the far ends of the room and still making my captures well lit.

The emotions are natural when your subject doesnt know that they are photographed. Like this one, another candid shot....

Their cake is beautiful. Its simple., looks delicious and out of the ordinary. Most cakes are at least a foot high but this one is as beautiful without the towering design. Love it! Love the colors as well..

Wedding traditions is a must and with this shot., i did not used the burst mode on this one. Just took the right timing and boom! Love the motion of the doves.

Finally, the boquet toss! Single ladies at the back are quite decided for the boquet. I just have to say sorry to my sister coz i included this photo , capturing her kodak moment! haha

I know i still have a lot to learn when shooting weddings. I hope Mark and Ayza loved my shots. I wish them all the best of luck. I hope their love would never change inspite of all the hassles in the real world. Janel's face is really funny.. haha :) Thanks to our lovely newlyweds for inviting me. I wish all the best for Ayza and Mark. For more photos, check out my multiply site


  1. These are really amazing photos mac!

  2. thanks a lot janis! marami pa ako kailangan matutunan when it comes to wedding photography..

    kelangan ko ng karirin ito.. hehe :)


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