Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ordinary and Bored

I was kinda disappointed yesterday since im suppose to go out but due to some unearthly reasons it didn't pushed through. So i just went home. Along with my camera, i took photos of things that seems ordinary. Saw this lovely fern and admired its color. Grabbed my 50mm and used a small aperture making a lovely bokeh out of it.

Saw the lovely cloud formation and also took a snap. It seems very ordinary but sometimes ordinary things are quite beautiful.

As i approach myself home.,saw this flower that our old neighbor has. Sadly they already moved out., making this lovely plant left alone. Probably be dead in a few weeks since no one will water them.... unless someone will.

Sigh.. im just so bored and cant think of a place to go... I just headed home..watched TV (good thing I-witness is playing) and slept..

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