Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stunning Sorsogon

Welcome to Sorsogon! 12 hours of Bus ride! It’s a back-breaking journey but its all worth it after all the beautiful sights! Along with Abby and her friends, our long weekend is simply unforgettable. This is Subic Beach . This is probably one of the best in the country. White sands..fine in the ones in Bohol. Cool crystal waters…. I love it!

We went to this place where you can go canoeing or kayaking, I forgot the place. Im not really good in remembering names and places. This place is really amazing. It’s a lake right at the foot of Mt. Bulusan. Abs and her friends tried paddled their way at the murky waters as I took some pictures of the place. I saw this old boat and again , sounds of the camera is ringing inside my head. Grabbed my camera and started shooting. This photo is a personal favorite. I just love both the foreground and the background.

This is actually the biggest crab ived ever seen. If you dig seafood like fish, crabs, prawns or anything out of the sea beside spongebob.,im sure ul’ gonna love it here. Thanks to our friend Gary and his family for their hospitality. We stayed at their place and even cooked for us. They serve crabs like these at breakfast. :D Not to mention their Bicol Express and La-ing. Diet is not an option here in Sorsogon. Eat like theres no tomorrow! My ate will surely love this photo.

This is Barcelona Church. One of the oldest church in town, probably in the country as well. We stopped by and took some pictures of the church. We took some photos inside as well. This is one of those places to go to in Sorsogon.

Our last stop of the day, Rizal Beach. I brought along my Frisbee and I tell you after a crash course game in ultimate frisbee, our sweat is really pouring with our hearts racing! Gary brought his skimboards and gave us lessons on how to ride waves. On my first attempt, I fell real hard and till now my butt aches. Standing up is really difficult coz the board is really slippery. I held on for a couple of seconds and after that.. Im good. Im done! I dont wanna go home with a broken arm. I just love this beach. Its not that fascinating like Subic Beach but the shoreline is really huge and wide. Perfect for beach volleyball.. playing ultimate Frisbee and bonfires.

As the day went deeper, the sky is like this! Its like a gazillion stars exploded the clear black sky. I grabbed my camera and made an experiment. I used ISO 1250 on 20secs shutterspeed, Manual Focus and i used F/4 on aperture. Wonder what are those clouds on the right side of the picture? On a naked eye, di naman ganito kadami yung stars.. but when i looked at my camera.. Wow dami....i was actually waiting for a shooting star to appear but i failed. Grabe ang ganda...

Sorsogon is definitely one of those places you have to visit. The abundance of natural resources in this place is really unimaginable. The beaches are so nice. Forests are still intact. The food is heaven. My stay in Sorsogon is truly one of those moments i will never forget. Thanks to Abby and her friends for bringing me here. To Teng and Garry and his family. Thank you for your hospitality. Thank you so much.

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