Thursday, August 9, 2012

Melo's Steakhouse

For the first time, I ate one of the finest and one of the most expensive kind of beef this side of the planet could ever have - the Wagyu Beef.  "Wagyu" literally means cow in Japanese.  They say that Wagyu beef is good for your health since it has unsaturated fat. Its meat  is very tender and  very juicy . Wagyu cattle's  genetic predisposition yields a beef that contains a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than the average  beef thats why its good for your health. I had a photoshoot at one of the finest restaurants that serves authentic Anggus and Wagyu Beef.  This is no other than Melo's - Home of Authentic Anggus Beef and Wagyu Beef at the heart of Burgos Circle over at Bonifacio Global City.

Wagyu Steak at Melo's Bonifacio Global City
Like I said, the beef is so soft and tender. When you have it in your mouth, its like butter melting inside. Its that good! Steaks like these doesnt need a sauce at all. Its just delicious the way it is. I even tried it eating RAW and I was hesitant at first., I had a small piece and damn it was good. You cannot do that with an ordinary beef sold locally. You might end throwing up. It is best to order your Wagyu Steak rare..or medium rare. That way, you will really taste the flavor of the beef. Its really delicious. Its quite an expensive meal and you really have to taste it. I tell you its really good. Look at that slice.. you see that red meat? Its beyond words to describe how good it is. 
Melo's Wagyu Ribs
Besides their super delicious Wagyu Steak, they also have the Wagyu Ribs. Damn this dish is absolutely delicious. The meat just slides of the bone without effort. The meat is so soft and tender. The sauce is simply to die for. Its THAT good. This is heaven in a plate i tell you. There is silence upon eating it. "Galit-Galit" in Filipino.  Nobody is talking, everybody is seriously enjoying the food. This is a must try at Melo's. This is a big bang for your buck and im sure you wont regret ordering this one. 

U.S. Tenderloin Steak 
We also tried their US Tenderloin steak. Like everything else at Melos, this steak is absolutely fabulous. Its so damn delicious. Im actually a terrible blogger coz im lost for words to describe it. Its just soooo gooood.  Usually when you have a steak, you'l ask some A1 steak sauce.., but this one.. you dont need an A1 steak sauce. Just dip it in to its own juice (if it has a little of its own blood, the better). The beef is so soft and tender. Really tasty. Most of the celebrities who dine at Melo's order this. One of their best sellers as well as the Wagyu Beef. Not only the steaks are good, surprisingly the side dish is delicious as well! Using your fork (they have 3 in ur table actually coz its a 5 course meal), combine the carrots the red bell pepper and the potatoes and dip it onto the the potato's sauce - upon shovin it onto ur mouth, your mind goes to blank. Then suddenly u forget your name and its raining flowers... damn its just delicious... Do it all over and over again. Its really good..  

Having Steak is best with Red Wine
The perfect companion for your steaks is Red Wine. Melo's offers a wide selection of wines. Red, white, champagnes even all sorts of liquor is available at the bar. Melo's has this really nice wine storage and i saw a number wines chilled.  You can actually see it everywhere. They usually serve them in big Goblets.  I do apologize I didnt had the chance to write the name  of the wine but i tell you its one of those words that is difficult to pronounce.. =)

This is where they store the goodies =) 
This is the huge fridge where the beef are stored. Before they cook the beef, they slice it and they weigh it in front of you. Then they will cook it the way you want it. This is to ensure that you will get most out of what you will order. Pretty neat huh? About this shot, i really want to emphasize the fridge at the back. Having it exposed properly makes the other areas dark.. thats why I have to use my portable softbox to illuminate the other areas. 

Lovely interior. Everything is in order. Table setting is amazing
This is the lovely interior of Melo's, Bonifacio Global City . I really have to give credit to Sir Daniel for giving an extra effort making everything spic and span. He had the back to carry those big flower vases! Making it more appealing in the picture. He wants  it organized down to the last detail. His staff is amazing as well. They were very nice and hospitable.  Everything is beautiful. The ambiance is just astounding! No wonder celebrities flock in here for a great dining experience.  Food is great, place is excellent and the service is exceptional. 

Ensogo will soon launch a deal with Melos and this is really great because there is a huge discount on their Wagyu Steaks and Ribs. Normally these kind of dishes will make your eyes pop when you see how expensive the are. With Ensogo's great deals on their selected meals, more people can enjoy the taste of authentic Wagyu Beef. Im excited actually for this one because i tasted it and i really loved it and I really do want to go back and try it again. Even though its quite expensive than the normal steakhouses, nobody complains because Melo's steaks is just phenomenal. The dining experience is just marvelous. You have to try it to yourself. Watch out for their deal at coming real soon! 

For more details about Melo's, visit their website at You can give them a call at their different branches at : Alabang:  771-2288 & 771-3945 ,    Makati:  899-2456 & 899-9403 ,    Quezon City:  924-9194 & 924-9168  and at    Fort Bonifacio:  403-5969 & 403-5969

Its quite an honor shooting at Melos. Thanks to Sir Daniel and his staff.  Also to Jossie who assisted me with the photoshoot. I know its been raining hell that time but what the heck, chilling at Melos is simply remarkable. Melos is indeed Manila's finest steakhouse!

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