Friday, March 25, 2011

Lunch Out at Henry's Place

Just had a hearty lunch at Henry's Place over at Bonifacio Global City. Its near UCC and i was quite amazed because the last time i went to UCC there were no buildings everywhere. All you can see is a wide vast open space. We went there along with the production team to have a small meeting over lunch. This is actually our tradition where the team goes out and bond together.Took also some photos along the way..

Fish and Tofu in Mandarin Sauce. Boss Jans ordered this and it looks really good and delicious.

This is the production team. From right, Cris the graphic artist, Kannika our creative writer, Theres Nikos our production manager, Edu our webmaster and Boss Janis our boss and Renz our queen graphic artist..

Took a photo of 26th Street in broad daylight. Love this shot.

A little color splash from the Mini Cooper sign.

Watermelon shake for Renz

Shot from the walkway beside Mini Cooper showroom

Edu's Chicken Curry

A photo of the clouds surrounding the Ericsson Center

My Lunch, Mandarin Spare Ribs. I also ordered a Four Seasons Drink to complement this very delicious lunch.

I came back to the office really full. If I only knew., i shouldnt have prepared lunch today. I woke up really early and fried some Spam fresh from the can. At around 5 PM, i grabbed my lunch and ate it.

Now im really full... :)

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