Thursday, March 3, 2011

The UNO Pizerria Experience

Had a chance to shoot for UNO pizzeria at The Mall of Asia. This is for their internet marketing camapaign and I was fortunate enough to be their photographer. The place is really nice. Its just beside the baywalk where you can see the beautiful sunset of Manila Bay. Not only the view is good but the food is spectacular! I highly guarantee it to everybody who loves pastas and pizzas.

This is one of their best sellers, The Philly Cheesestake Pizza. This pizza is absolutely fantastic! Its creamy, tasty and the meat is perfect. Its really good! Think I had 4 slices of these. This is one of the best pizzas ived ever had.

The pasta is good as well. Its like those typical pastas., kinda sweet and flavorful. You should try it.

This is one of my favorites. Their buttered fried chicken is also finger lickin good! If ever you tried the buttered shrimps at Dampa, you will definitely love this. No it doesnt taste like shrimps, =) but the buttery flavor is close to that. Its really good. This dish is a must. Best with rice! :)

The salad is also good. Those strips of beef tastes like shawarma. With a dash of thousand island dressing, you'd definitely love it for desert.

Of course, our visit to UNO is not complete without a winning pose for our very own Ms.D! Love this photo. :)

This is the staff of UNO Pizzeria along with Ms. Jan and Ms. D. Id like to thank them for all the hospitality they given to us. Their service is really superb. They are very nice and friendly. I'd definitely go back there if ever i had another chance.

Thanks again!

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