Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nommu Japanese Restaurant

Shoyu Ramen
Another fine day shooting food! Hello everyone. I hope you're not hungry reading this post coz this will definitely make you more hungrier.. i dunno if thats grammatically correct but anyways, Nommu Japanese Restaurant over at Tomas Morato is one of the best Japanese Restaurant joints I ever been to. The food their is simply delicious. Photo above is their Shoyu Ramen which is my personal favorite. Love to sip on this specially on this rainy season.    

Chili Mabu Tofu Ramen
This one is their Chili Mapo Ramen. If you're a fan of spicy dishes, this one is for you. The flavor is just heavenly. The tofu is so soft and the taste is spectacular.. Im sure you will love this one. Its not that spicy though. "Sakto lang" as I tasted it. Its a really good dish.

Miso Ramen
This one is their Miso Ramen. Miso is good for your health. I read an article that Miso Soup prevents breast cancer. This dish is healthy and delicious. Perfect combo! :)  

Now the gyoza is a surprise coz this one has a kick inside. Its quite spicy but really good in taste! I love it! Dip it in to its special sauce and ummmm.. its really good. Definitely one of my favorites!

Chicken Teriyaki Don
 Their Chicken Teriyaki Don I may say is one of the best ever. Its so delicious. The chicken is really delicious. It has the right amount of sweetness which i love. This is the restaurant's specialty. People who dine in here usually orders this one the most. This is a must try at Nommu.

I want to thank Mr. Angelo Reyes and his staff for the warm hospitality. They'r really nice. The place is just awesome. Its really cozy. Perfect place to relax, to mingle with friends or even bring a hot date. Food is really good. Im definitely coming back here. Please do watch out for Ensogo's deal at Nommu. It will launch real soon.

Another photography adventure that lead me to satisfying dishes and meeting new people (with their awesome rides! man sir angelo's Subaru Imprezza is awesome - I just have to blurt that out coz im a big fan of Subaru Imprezzas, its been a dream car of mine). I also had a great chat with the cab drivers along my way. What a great day for shooting.

Thanks guys for reading!  

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