Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Korean Pork from Manang Buenas

I had a blog post before about Manang Buenas' delicious Egg Pie which is absolutely delicious i tell you. Theres another favorite choice inside Manang Buenas' basket of goodies, her own version of Korean Pork. This is just superb! I love the taste. Its savory, a little spicy and its a kinda sweet in small amounts. The sad thing about this is that its not available everyday. When it is, its almost automatic.  

If ever Manang Buenas had restaurant, i'l be a regular most definitely. Her food is delicious. Its nice and clean and above everything else, its really affordable. For only 55 pesos, you have this really nice meal along with a handful of rice. Fits right in my budget! 

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