Friday, June 29, 2012

Manang's Delicious Egg Pie

I was so hungry and good thing there is "Manang" who delivers lunch and snacks here at the office. Took a peek onto her food stash and I saw her delicious egg pie. Asked how much and she said its only 20 pesos a slice. Gave her my money and took the pie. As always, I wanted to take a picture of the food before i eat it. So here it is., the pie's in memoriam photo.


  1. I want to have a taste of this pie,could you please give me the specific store or vendor of this Manang?thanks!

  2. She just brings lunch and snacks at the office :) our office is at W Building near Serendra over at Bonifacio Global City. Usually shes at the 2nd floor at around 3pm :)


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