Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lola Maria Restaurant at the Legend Villas

Theres no better way to enjoy food than the Filipino way! Lola Maria over at Legend Villas in Mandaluyong offers a delicious buffet anyone could enjoy! They have a wide array of sumptuous dishes for sure your taste buds will celebrate! I had another privilege to take photos of their delicious meals for their deal at Photo above is the fusion of Japanese and Filipino which is the Tinapa Maki - which is one of my personal favorites.

They also have a salad bar which has the freshest greens and ingredients. Perfect for those on a diet. I enjoyed this so much since i love salads and everything i imagined is right there. 

Moved on to the spotlight which is the roasted ribs area. Not only it looks really good, its also very delicious. The meat is so soft and tender. It easily glides off  the bone. Its just perfect.

You can also make your own pasta! Choose different kinds of sauces that you wish. They also have different kinds of bread to partner your pasta delight. 

Lets move on to the buffet area. I so love that fish on the lower right of the picture. Its so delicious! I also love their Gambas! Im a die hard shrimp fan and those gambas are just perfect. You got to try it for yourself! 

I also love their Crispy Kangkong!!!!!! Dunk it in to its special sauce and it will definitely make you say oohhh la la! At the back is the Gambas. So delicious..

Here are their different kinds of Sauces. From spices to different kinds of vinegars., They are very proud of their sauces because of these are home made. It has a touch of love and they are the only ones who offer these.. 

Same goes with their leche flan on their hal0-halo. Its unlimited! If you wanna go back and have some more just dig in!

I so love the interior. Its very well lighted, well decorated. It has this very homy and Filipino atmosphere. When they opened the doors for the buffet, people are starting to flock inside. Most of them are guests from the hotel and some are regulars who just love the food so much they just come back more often. 

I had fun with the photoshoot. I would like to thank Ms. Kate Asuncion, the outlet supervisor of the Legend Villas for walking me through the restaurant and spending time eating lunch with me. I want to go back here someday. Food here is really delicious. Many thanks also for the staff for their warm hospitality. 

Great food, Traditional Filipino ambiance and great service! Only here at Lola Maria Restaurant in The Legend Villas. Go grab your vouchers now! For only P379, you can already enjoy this wonderful buffet. Probably one of the best buffets  in the metro. Go try it for yourself! Log on to for more details or visit this link for this deal.

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