Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monkey Trail w/o Monkeys

After our Subterranean River adventure which is really fun by the way, we went to this place called Monkey Trail. They say that they usually spot huge monitor lizards roaming around the area. But when we arrived there, not a single lizard is on sight. Even monkeys are not in sight so it was kinda frustrating...

Fierce plans such as this one would definitely make your day really gone bad when you step one of these so you really have to be careful and have an open eye while walking down the path..

The trail is a mix of sand, dead leaves and soil. Abby's feet is injured from our Unilab Run. Her feet wer stressed and left her foot ailing in pain. The bandage helps as it cushions the swollen part that lessens the pain...

Guests walking at the path going to the Monkey Trail. ..

Our fellow adventurers striking a pose at the signage of the Monkey Trail..

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