Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fila Philippines

I had my first product shoot at Fila Yesterday. I was at their Main office in Makati and the place is amazing since all the Fila shoes you'd ever think off is there! I was thankful for the shoot because i met the creative people behind the posters, banners and other marketing stuff for Fila.

Now this running shoe is dope!!! Its super light and it looks.. green! and awesome. Too bad they didnt gave me discounts on Fila coz i definitely have a crush on this shoe.. hehe

Now this will definitely help you jog at night! These are fiber optic laces by Fila. Lights up, it blinks fast, blinks slow.. its amazing! Interesting huh? :)

I didnt know Fila makes trail shoes as well. Caught my attention when I saw this one. Its better climbing mountains using this one rather than ur ordinary running shoes that made my nails black!

Now they have their own version of the Five Fingers by Vibram. Kinda looks weird but looks cool.

Its been a fun friday work day. Had fun at Fila. The crew is very nice. Young working environment... and not to mention, this is my first product shoot for ensogo and i do believe i pulled it off real good. Thanks to the internet, my photos looks like a pro! hehe. Basic set up, 2 speedlights on the side + white seamless cartolina taped on two folder boxes and a huge reflector on top creating that "shine" effect on the products. =)

Good times :)

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  1. When Fila return their price to its original? because i found out that this everest shoes for trekking cost only 1999 from 5998.

    It makes me wonder how durable this shoes since they dropped the price wat up to 70%.


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