Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snake Island, Palawan

Welcome to Snake Island! Like any other islands in Palawan, the beach is really nice. Its clean, its wide and its long! People of all sorts are also gathered here to celebrate their vacation. Its a nice and lovely scene here in Snake Island even though the weather is quite gloomy.

The abundance of life from these mangroves are awesome. Just love the fresh bloomed plants that slowly emerges from the beach. I love its virgin green colors.

I do apologize coz i forgot the name of our very nice and very knowledgeable tour guide. I will just call her ate. She's Xandi's Fisheye camera. Saw this one from afar and luckily i have my 70-300 attached and captured this photo.. :)

Naks naman si Manong Lifeguard! Swimming at the beach is really safe since a lot of lifeguards are patrolling the area. To be honest, i wanted to borrow that orange life buoy and pose ala David Hasselhoff! Kiddin!

Good thing when a long lens is attached to your camera is that you can capture lots of candid moments such as this . Saw tina and carlo goofin around the beach side :)

Snake Island's beach is really beautiful. Its really clean and not that crowded. Perfect place to bring your family and have some fun in the sand.

Abby is having fun shooting as well with her really nice Billabong Underwater Film Camera. :)

Jellyfishes are very common around the area. Local's says that these types of Jellyfishes are not that poisonous or itchy but hell i aint gonna touch one of those gelly, mushy creatures... i have jellyphobia..

Snorkling is really fun specially when you have a piece of bread with you since a lot of colorful fishes will swarm you and beg you to feed them. Having yourself surrounded with the cast of Finding Nemo is really amazing! An experience id never forget..

From afar, i thought I saw coach Rio! With his afro style hair...he will definitely pass as Coach Rio look alike :)

Saw this couple walking down the beach and suddenly their "kilig" factor just got into me. As always., the beach is a perfect place to stroll around... sweet moments with the tune of the waves splashing in the background...

The experience at Snake island is really awesome.. Good times...

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  1. hahaha! nice paparazzi shots! :) Aliw naman si Coach Rio! :)


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