Sunday, December 2, 2012

Casa Ibiza

Its already 1am and im still wide awake. I have been awake for more that 24 hours and I already have blood shot eyes, puffy eyebags and a serious tummy deformation due to unlimited amounts of beer and sodas consumed. But still im here. This brave soul is here to write and blog about this magnificent place even if his grammar is grade 2-ish and words are undeniably corny. Welcome to Casa Ibiza in Antipolo. A place to relax, unwind.. and work all at the same time!

Some people usually lower down their expectations when they see a travel deal on a group buying site. But this one, we are surprised because we dont really expect the place rocks! Its beautiful! Pool is big enough. The villas and its rooms are fantastic and their food is commendable! Casa Ibisa is not bad at all! One of the best places near the metro.

Theres a big pool just beside the restaurant. There is also a small pool for kids to enjoy. I love this part over here where you can squat, and have dinner with some booze with your lady friend under a cool breezy night adorned with soft candle lights. Its perfect. Bring a date here im sure she will thank you for it. 

A view from the front entrance. I so love that classic carriage. You can see there the villas.. They painted it in different colors, blue, yellow, red... looks really good actually. 

This is the dining area that has the view of the big pool and the kiddie pool. Food here is really nice. I enjoyed their longanisa! Its really delicious. 

Bumped with the girls while finishing their breakfast. Love anne's pose over there (leftmost). This should be their "candid" shot but i dunno.. it doesnt look that candid  to me. 

Before we left, I had to take a group shot but the thing is i left my tripod at the studio. I just asked one of the attendants to take a photo of us. Good thing i had my camera set on Large quality because theres a huge blank space at the right side of the photo which eventually i have to crop it out. 

It was fun! We had some great, treasured memories out there. Even though it was Work / Outing kinda thing.. we still had fun though. I really had a great time. Thanks to the happy people of ensogo, most specially the research people, merchant services and the production team. It was a blast!

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