Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yoh Froz Frozen Yogurt

Never had Frozen Yogurt this good! This is my first time to visit Yoh Froz Frozen Yogurt. I always see this place but never had the chance to get in. And its about time...They will run a deal at and i was tasked to take photos of their delicious waffles! 

 Man those waffles are really delicious! Looking at it makes me shiver in delight. Its really mouth-waterring. Chocolate waffles topped with frozen yogurt, bananas, i believe those are pistachios (please correct me if im wrong) and drizzled with chocolate syrup! Its insanely good....

i think this is one of the desserts they have in heaven
Now to all of you Blueberry lovers out there! This a treat for you guys! Those luscious blueberry oozing all the way down to the mangoes then  down to the waffles...topped with frozen yogurt with springkles of pinipig and nuts... deeeelicious! I love it!

that rich dark chocolate in a cup
Now theres a best partner for this amazing dessert, the Hot Chocolate. Its thick., its rich.. its chocolaty-good! Every sip is just.. ugh... superb. I love it. The waffles and the hot choco is like peas and carrots, mickey and minnie, palito and panchito... its a dynamic duo!

its all white!
You got to give credit to those who made this place look so cool. Literally cool as in cold..Really., the colors are so cold in the eyes. The shades of baby blue..white and purple! The furnitures, the lighting is soothing... I really love the chairs! Great interior designing.   

with 2 rachelles 
One rachelle is good but what more if you have two rachelles?! Yes these lovely ladies right here share the same name and im lucky to have a snack with them. This was a fun shoot. I really love those waffles. Ms Rachelle of Yoh Froz is such a nice person. Thank you so much for having us. Id like to thank Ching, for treating me lunch. :) Thank  you! 

Watch out for this deal coming live real soon! Only at


  1. Hi Mac! I just stumbled upon this photo :) I'm glad you like our waffles and coffee! It was a fun afternoon with you and Ching! Thanks for featuring Yoh Froz in your blog! - Rachel

  2. anytime rachel! i really had a great time! i love your food! thank you so much!


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