Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Min Sok Korean Restaurant

Its been a while since i ate Korean food and Jocy, one of our lovely marketing consultants invited me to have lunch with Tin and Loren at Min Sok Korean Restaurant in Makati. Its near burgos circle if you happen to know the place. Theres a series of Korean restaurants there and this one is one of the best. Theres this dish called the Samgyupsal...served in this hot skillet, the thin strips of pork are fried and you can just smell the goodness almost making me insane. Its just so good. Honestly i had a hard time using their chopsticks because its made of steel rather than the traditional wood... But then again., i grab a hold of it and ate a lot of these... Superb!

I do apologize i havent got the name of the soup.. it has tofu in it. some greens and cucumber. Its a little spicy but it tastes delicious! 

Learned this from Tin. Saw her wrapping the meat with the lettuce and she added the different kinds of sauces inside. It was really good! 

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