Monday, September 27, 2010

Back Into Film Photography

My officemate sold her Nikon FM10 to me at a very very low price and I cant help myself not to buy it. I always wanted an old-school SLR and this baby is just perfect. Its about 15 years old and still working fine. I just cleaned the insides from dust using my blower and a lens cloth.

Im going back to basics! This how i love photography so much. Cant wait for my photos to be developed.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Its our boss' Noel's Birthday this coming Saturday and its gonna be a long weekend for us. So we gave him an early treat today. We bought him a cake and surprised him.

So these are the remaining guys in our office. Not much huh. But these guys make the company goin. And im proud of em. They are like family. You guys are the best.

this is boss noel, who knows what he's thinking. just caught him with this sharp look over something. I desaturated the photo for that added appeal. Looks good though. hehe. He saw it and he loves it.

Now this baby is my lunch! Its Jollibee's Champ! Ived been dreamin' of this huge burger for days now and its about time to grab one. Its really good you got to try it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Janel In Her Flat Abs

This is Janel, my sister. She is quite proud of her flat abs. She asked me yesterday to take her photo. After long hours of cardio.. all those Hip-Hop Abs and doing all those ab-crunches , it all finally paid off. I think this is her best abs ever. Shot in monochrome. Window light as Light source. F/1.8 | 1/5 shutter | ISO 400 | 50mm on a Nikon D90