Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gulliver's of San Francisco, Great Eastern Hotel

Food adventure doesnt stop! I went to this restaurant over at Quezon City called Gulliver's of San Francisco and it was really something. It was big.. it was huge! Sitted inside the fabulous Great Eastern Hotel . This seafood pasta is absolutely delicious.. Good timing coz i was so hungry shooting this one... as a food photographer.. never take pictures of food if you're really hungry coz its like a punishment! I tell you., this seafood pasta is one of the best!  

Now this one is a treat. Its actually Onion soup topped with Parmesan Cheese.... this was so good.. perfect appetizer. The parmesan just blended with the taste of the onions... i love it... 

For the main course, this i think is their breaded chicken topped with very delicious melted cheese and some tomato sauce... this is so good... absolutely delicious.. Chicken is really tasty.. the sauce is really good and the cheese is just superb.. This is one heck of a meal...   served with mashed potatoes and some veggies.  

Gulliver's also serve one of the best prime ribs in town. Maybe someday id love to try that one. That, probably what i'l order for my next visit. Visit Gulliver's over at Great Eastern Hotel (Aberdeen Court in Quezon Ave.) and im sure you will have a delightful dining experience... 

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