Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lush Cupcakes

I had a sudden urge for cupcakes... that photoshoot from Lush Cupcakes was just unforgettable. One of my favorite shots i ever done is the one on top.. This is one of the few "sandwiched light " thats almost perfect! Seamlessly done.. I always wanted a really nice top shot and i really have to master this... This was taken on top of a black, granite kitchen counter... two strobes at the side diffused by a shoot thru umbrella... both strobes powered at 1/4 - Nikon SB600 

cute cupcake toppers! 
had another shot but this time i placed my strobe diffused with an umbrella on top of the cupcakes then i used a reflector in front... it made reflections on the granite countertop..i just post processed it using photoshop afterwards.. Love the cute cupcake toppers! :)

yummy! i so want one right now
this is actually one of my favorite shots. I really have to learn to incorporate something at the background for my shots. it makes the photo more interesting...I just have to dig more inspirations in doing food photography. I also want to learn food styling as well... I remember Mark Floro said, a good food photo makes your audience hungry... makes them crave... i think i have a good one here coz even myself is craving for some cupcakes right now! :)

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