Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bar Dolci

Some people say, the only thing that would make em happy in this world for the moment is ice cream... and i believe its true. Sometimes when you're at your worst, ice cream just makes it all go away... Now if you want some seriously delicous ice cream, better try Bar Dolci's sugar free gelatos over at Burgos Circle at BGC. Its creamy, not that sweet and so delicious....

They have so many flavors to choose from.. you should try combining two flavors in one cup to enjoy the maximum! what an adjective.. just cant think of any.. ok Utmost goodness! :)  

Try also their delicious macarons..its soft..very tasty.. and again very delicious.. they have a whisky flavored macarons which im sure you will love.. they are quite pricey coz they sell 50 pesos per piece.. but then again its all good because its so delicious... 

 you can have em dine in or you can have em to go as a gift... comes in these nifty boxes. 

place is really nice and cozy. they even have a photo gallery at the 2nd floor... Too bad i cropped the signage on the right which says "Life is sweet..." it is sweet indeed... :) Had a great experience here. Id probably come back some other time if i wanna relax and have some ice cream after a long stressful day.... 

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