Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jun-Jun's Cebu Lechon

Every time i go to work, i always pass by Home Depot at 32nd street over at the fort. Right there you can see this restaurant that caters Cebu lechon..  Unfortunately, we're not shooting any pigs for now... But, I took pictures of their delicious Gamba's platter. 

their gambas are so damn delicious. its really juicy! it has that right spice and the shrimps are perfect... its so good. Its one of those perfect pulutan you could possibly ever have. I brought some of it to my officemates and they loved it as well. :)

From the platter, I also love their kangkong... or water spinach... i really love the taste of this. Its kinda sweet and the kang-kong is really fresh and you can tell it because of its crunchiness.. I enjoyed eating this one..  

  they also have the breaded pork which also best with the bagoong rice.. its so good.... 

Now this one is the hero, their Sinigang... its so good.. the soup is perfect. Its loaded with vegetables and it has this ulo or head of a fish in it.. i think thats a tuna.. its just so good  i tell you.. when you sip on it it just makes you close your eyes and enjoy its goodness... 

I'll probably visit Jun-Jun's lechon one of these days and order Lechon! Maybe next week! :) 

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