Friday, February 18, 2011

Team Lunch @ Agave

Yesterday, we had our lunch at Agave along with the production team. Oh man, im so full I tell you. This is Edu's order, Burger A La Mexicana. Edu is our kick-ass web master. Surprisingly, he ordered a big-ass burger in a mexican restaurant and i think its not a bad choice at all! hehe. Look at that burger.., its screaming beef!

This is a shot of the guys while walking along Fort strip. We are headed back to the office. We're already an hour over break.. i think. haha :)

I color splashed kannika because of her dress. Hehe. Eye catching when you mix blue and yellow... Hey., its just like that song from the Used..

Now this is what I ordered! I was craving for Burritos lately and what a great time to have one at Agave. I ordered this Grande Steak burrito that is so huge and fat they have to cut it in half. Partnered with Nachos and iced tea, my lunch was just heaven.

The last time I went to Agave was with Abby and her friends at eastwood city. We had margaritas and nachos that we usually order when we visit that place.Our intentions is to get boozed up.Agave for me is of the best Mexican restaurants i ever been to. I must say., im coming back anytime.

Thanks to boss Jans for the treat. I think we should do this "team lunch" more often. haha. Good times! :)

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