Friday, December 31, 2010

Stars of the Night

December 29. Abby and her officemates are coming over for a pre new year's party. As a host, i prepared the house and created a certain relaxing mood. Went early to the grocery to buy some stuff needed for the party. And of course., no party is complete without some serious booze... These 2 bad boys are the star of the night.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a wonderful 2010. Say hello to 2011. Cheers!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Abby's

Grabbed these pictures from Abby's LX3. I spent christmas with Abby and her family. It was one of the happiest christmas ever for me. Abby's family welcomed me whole-heartedly and for that i will be forever grateful. Me and Abs went attended the Christmas eve mass. After that, we went at their place and gave her present. Its quite big so i bought a big box for it. Its actually a file box / CD case that she can use in the future. Im really excited to give my gift and i was there to capture it.

When she opened the box, the excitement in her grew more coz there are scented paper (sprayed a couple of my cologne) covering my gift. When she took it out, she jumped for joy once she saw her new Hot Pink, Nike gym bag.
I was really happy watching her in full of joy holding the bag. Until now, she's still thanking me for the bag. She really loves it so much.

Abby gave me a really nice present as well! She gave me a Rudy Project Dry Bag for my gear! This is perfect for my outdoor trips! I really love it! I have a drybag that i bought months ago but it doesnt keep my gear dry enough. Water actually penetrates within. Im really thankful Abby gave me this one.

Along with the drybag, she gave me a new National Geographic T-Shirt. I love the shirt! I have the same shirt but white in color. Abby has the shirt too and we're like product endorsers for National Geographic and Regatta! Thanks for the shirt Beb. I really love it!

What good is Noche Buena without a family portrait. This is the Olarte Family. From left, theres Jang, Abby's cousin, then Van., abby's lone sister. Then theres tita Nellie, Abby's mom who is so happy coz the last time she spent christmas with her family was 6 years ago. She was so thankful and so blessed for spending this christmas with her love ones. I would like to thank her for inviting me. Thanks po tita. Next to tita nellie is tito Ben, Abby's dad . I gave him a Kenny G CD for christmas and he loves it! Abby said, we have the same taste. hehe, Then next to tito ben is my love of my life, Abby. She's my inspiration. Never been happy until i met her. Love that woman so much. Next to Abby is her brother Neil whose into computer programming, a facebook and computer games. I gave him a copy of Left For Dead 2 and now he's kinda hooked to it! I also gave him a Game Pad controller for his NBA Live 2K11.

Having them complete is a blessing. With everyone around spending christmas together is simply sweet. I really enjoyed spending christmas with the Olarte's. Its the most amazing time of the year.

And christmas wouldnt be complete without food! Domino's Extravaganza. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Booze with Tito Walbs

Now Christmas wont be the same without the booze flowin! My tito walbert bought 3 bottles of RedHorse poured it all to our fancy beer tower. Drinking would never be this fun without the beer tower. Its simply effortless. Left-over ham as pulutan, me and tito walbert just drank the day away.

The beer tower can guzzle up 3 Grandes (1 grande - 1 Liter). Watch out coz drinking is effortless with this thing. Just place the glass beneath the snout and pull that lever and liquid gold just flows out.

I just discovered that these crackers are really good! Bangus crackers bought from the local sari-sari store is the bomb. Perfect for "pulutan". Best along with beer. A must try actually.

Tito Walbert's grand daughter, Aisa, playing with his dad. She's kinda shy takin her photo. This is one of her moments and i just fired one away. hehe. Cute little kid.

This is the family. From left, Theresa, Tito walbs son Bitoy, Aisa and Tito walbert himself. They are on their way to Quiapo church then Manila Ecopark. Gave them a family portrait before they left. Look at tito walbert's straight face. Sometimes its just hard catching him smile. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Talking to the Moon

I missed the lunar eclipse. I was away at work and didnt have the chance to take a photo. When i got home., i just looked at the moon and noticed its different color. Took a photo of it and this serves as a post-lunar eclipse picture. Took this one wearing only my boxers out of the cold. That is why its hazy, and a little out of focus.

I was also inspired by Bruno Mars' song - "Talking to the Moon" . I just love that song. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Sam's Baptismal

I was fortunate to be part of another momentous event. Its Baby Sam's baptismal. He's my friend's first son. A junior actually. Me and Marco took care of the photo duties for that event. Baby Sam's smile is simply adorable. He's just so cute.

Among all the photos, this one is my favorite. Isnt that the cutest? By looking at them is just so pure. I so wanna touch his feet coz its really cute. I have a thing with feet and this is probably the cutest set of toes ever.

Baptismal took place at the Sta Clara. Parish Church in Pasig City. It was very nice looking church. Standing bold and very tall. Some say it is the tallest church in the country. Very beautiful church.

It was a mass baptismal actually. I believe there were 20 babies ready to be baptized on that day. So everything went fast. This was a surprise coz the priest snuck off my back and im caught off guard. I just did my hail mary shot over here and good thing my hail mary prayers gave me this wonderful top shot.

After that baptismal ceremonies, we went to the clubhouse of Riverfront Residences for the reception. The place was nice. took a photo of the place before the chairs and tables are brought in. Love the food. The pasta was great. Thanks to Carlo for the beers.

Really had a great time. Id like to thank again Carlo and his brother Sherwyn for inviting me and Marco for Baby Sam's baptismal. That boy is really cute. Thanks again.

Something bad went wrong that day. I think my Nikon SB600 broke. It wont fire anymore. Its not that the bulb is not broken. It fires when I use the test flash. But when i attach it to my camera or firing it using the remote, it miss fires... i really dont know if theres a setting in my camera that i accidentally tweaked which causes the problem. I really dont know. Without my speedlight, its impossible to shoot in an event specially indoors. Its like you have a gun, but u cant see your enemy. Im just hopin my speedlight is not broken. Just some unkown setting thats makin me miserable.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Will I Get Out ?

This is my entry for my workshop's monthly photo contest with the theme "Down". The rules, just take a photo of anything shooting at least 45 degrees down. Saw this group of cars at one of the parking lots in Makati City. They look like toy cars to me and i really find it really interesting. I named the photo : "Paano Ako Lalabas ? " translates as - How will i get out? " Hope I win.