Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Booze with Tito Walbs

Now Christmas wont be the same without the booze flowin! My tito walbert bought 3 bottles of RedHorse poured it all to our fancy beer tower. Drinking would never be this fun without the beer tower. Its simply effortless. Left-over ham as pulutan, me and tito walbert just drank the day away.

The beer tower can guzzle up 3 Grandes (1 grande - 1 Liter). Watch out coz drinking is effortless with this thing. Just place the glass beneath the snout and pull that lever and liquid gold just flows out.

I just discovered that these crackers are really good! Bangus crackers bought from the local sari-sari store is the bomb. Perfect for "pulutan". Best along with beer. A must try actually.

Tito Walbert's grand daughter, Aisa, playing with his dad. She's kinda shy takin her photo. This is one of her moments and i just fired one away. hehe. Cute little kid.

This is the family. From left, Theresa, Tito walbs son Bitoy, Aisa and Tito walbert himself. They are on their way to Quiapo church then Manila Ecopark. Gave them a family portrait before they left. Look at tito walbert's straight face. Sometimes its just hard catching him smile. :)

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