Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Visit to Deli Boys

Last week, i had a shoot at one of the best deli shops in the metro. The Deli Boys at Northeast Square in Greenhills, San Juan . They sell different kinds of meat from pork chops to lamb chops, to sausages and beef franks. Their place in Greenhills is really nice and very modern looking.

This is part of their deal for Ensogo. It has a soup, a salad (pictured on top) and their steak. Their chef really made this salad very enticing to eat. He meticulously arranged the dish to make it more mouth-watering. Kudos to their master chef!

I never seen a caramel spread before and when i saw this one., my taste buds went berzerk! I'd definitely buy one if i had another chance.

Cheese of all sorts are also available at their store. All fresh and most of them i guess are imported. Its a little pricey though but these products cannot be found on regular supermarkets.

Even the toothpick dispenser catched my eye! I wonder where do they buy these kinda stuff!

They also sell a wide variety of wines. From white wine to red wine, they have it here. Perfect combination for those delicious steaks and salads.

Deliboys is definitely one of those places that you would want to visit if you love cooking. If you are looking for a deli shop that caters to most of your authentic dishes, this is the right place to go! Not only that, you can also dine inside their very modern looking restaurant that assures your dining experience ravishing! Deli Boys is located at Northeast Square building, Connecticut St, over at Greenhills. Many Thanks to sir Perry for enlightening us inside their delightful restaurant.

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