Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kape Pilato

This is my first time to shoot around Malate area. I was intrigued of what I might see there. I rarely go to Manila and I had a gutt feel this photoshoot will be interesting. Kape Pilato is located along San Marcelino Street. It is the restaurant inside Orange Nest Botique Hotel. Ensogo will soon launch a deal with them and I was tasked to shoot their rooms and their restaurant. It was a delightful experience since the place is really nice. Theres this "Wow" factor upon entering the premises.   

It was scorching hot outside! Good thing the staff gave us complimentary drinks like this Strawberry Drink with a touch of Basil. Its really refreshing I tell you! The Basil gave this unusual taste that made it so good! Im a sucker for strawberry smoothies...

I decided to do the photoshoot upstairs so we would not disturb the people dining in the restaurant. They prepared a special corner for us and it was fantastic! It looks like a really beautiful house from this angle. Its like dining in style! Love the white leather chairs and the glass table.  

Down to business. The chef and his minions are starting to carry mouthwatering dishes onto my shooting table. My eyeballs are starting to get bigger and bigger! I started shooting this Porckchop with mushrooms and fries. Looks really good and very delicious! Smells good too! 

Now this one is really delicious...the ribs are so soft and tender. The sauce is perfect. If you're going to order this one, Im sure you wont regret it. This dish is just fabulous.   

They also served the Sisig Pasta and i tell you this dish is hot! Intensely spicy but really delicious. That crunch of the chicharon is so good.. The sisig and pasta fusion is absolutely delicious. After the shoot, they had this one to go. My officemates back at the Ensogo loved it!

Their frappes is insanely delicious! The chocolate frappe was the bomb! Its so good... I love this shot by the way due to the moist at the sides of the glass. Lookin at it makes me thirsty... This is a must order  at Kape Pilato

That gutt feel was right! I had a really great time shooting at Kape Pilato and Orange Nest Botique Hotel. The food is really delicious. The place is superb! The people and the staff were really nice and hospitable. Awesome experience indeed.  I would like to thank Faye for assisting me with the shoot. She was kind enough to hold the camera flash for me. Thanks Faye! 

Watch out for Kape Pilato's deal on Ensogo. They will launch probably a week after this shoot. Just visit Ensogo's site for more details. Whats with the name by the way? According to their very nice operations manager, the interior designer named it after Poncius Pilate which she doesnt know why. Mysterious.. 

Good times! More food adventures coming real soon! Thanks for visiting! 

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