Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love Desserts

Blissful Carrot Cake
In every occasion, cakes plays a big part in every celebration. Blowing a candle on the cake is usually the highlight of every birthday. Cutting the cake on weddings is another. Even in simple occasions like lounging around at home in a cold rainy day with coffee, cakes are one of the best there is to eat! I have found one of the best place where you can get delicious, mouth-watering cakes and desserts your eyes will ever glaze on, Welcome to Love Desserts!

All time favorite Cake Sansrival
I had an early call for a photoshoot at Love Desserts over at Banawe. I love shooting cakes coz cakes are hard to make. It takes a lot of effort, imagination, ingenuity in order to come up with a really delicious masterpiece. I just had the privilege to take photos of these delicious desserts.  

Coconut Cheesecake with Mango Coulis 
I noticed at the store, the cakes are their main selling point but wait till you see their other creations!!! There are brownies, pies, crepes.. everything around me seems to be mouthwatering! I wanted to include them onto the photos and give an added touch onto the picture.  

Black Forest
I placed some of the brownies at the back to give a more pleasing background. I saw some colorful sprinkles, some chocolate chips.. some mallows.. i scattered some of them on the table to add some effect. Surprisingly it looks really good! I was happy with the shots! 

marbled cheesecake
The photos seems to be more interesting and it looks amazing! I rarely make an extra effort on adding elements onto the photos and I think starting now, im gonna do it in every photoshoot. It was fun letting your imagination fly. Thinkin what should we include at the background. Good thing theres a lot of things to choose from.,  like colorful plastic knives, quirky spoons and forks and not to mention, an array of colorful sweets for a good background and foreground.  

Moist Chocolate Cake
Love Cakes is located at 915 Banawe street,Cor Del monte Quezon City, 1100 Quezon City. Check out their delicious cakes, pies.. Its all good! They have their promo at Check out their great deal   
You can also give em a call to place your order. Just dial (+632)2390745

This is such an experience. I so love food and photographing them is such a delight! Hope to shoot more of these in the future! Buy your vouchers now! :) 

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