Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Submission Sports Philippines

 One of the reasons why i love photography is shooting people doing action shots. Theres nothing more exciting than taking photos of athletes doing their own moves at their finest. I  had the privilege to photograph one of the best Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter in the country , Mr Erwin Tagle. Photo above is the man himself. This photo is my favorite coz i got this photo with only one try! Awesome flying kick! Its so strong, the loud "waaapakkk" of the cushion almost tore my ears down! Freaking awesome.

Then I met this really huge guy.. about six foot two in height. Arms as huge as my leg and has tatts all over. At first, he seems so intimidating he might beat the hell out of me.. yet he's a really nice guy. Funny and a very jolly person.  His name is Robbie and he's one of Submission Sport's Philippines best fighter. 

look at those veins! i think they'r gonna explode!!!

His tatts are wicked! If I have a body like that id probably ink myself the same! Hmm., id probably get a dragon tattoo! 

poor punching bag.. gets a lot of beating!

 Erwin showed us some of his MMA techniques, from kicks, to elbows, to throw downs and submissions! At first look, he seems to be an ordinary guy with his small built but wait when you see him kick!!!

Theres just so much force i dunno how to describe it. I dunno where is it coming from.The energy is so intense. I captured another flying 45. Thank God for my two speedlights who were working double time helped me froze the action. My set-up : Umbrella softbox top left using Nikon SB600 on 1/2 power and another SB600, bare, powered at 1/4 on the right..  

Robbie for the throwdown! Unloading more punishment and pain.

Now a days, a lot of people are searching for ways on how to get fit. Jogging for hours for some is kinda  borring and they prefer to do something more exciting, more adrenalin rush kinda workout. They choose Muay Thai, or kickboxing... It is indeed one of the greatest cardio workout out there. Not only it makes you fit, it teaches you discipline and self-defense.  Robbie looks like, he went swimming because of sweat! I was surprised when I saw Chino (top), inspite of his size, he can kick so high! And the guy is really strong. 

Sarah keeps her body fit here at the gym. She trains for MMA as well. Watch out guys coz she kicks really high and her knees are strong. Inspite of her good looks, she is one fit lady. A lot of celebrities also trains here. Celebrities like Solenn Heussaff, Bubbles Paraiso and JC de Vera. If you work out here, you'd probably bump into them most of the time. No wonder why they look really fit and lean. 

Sarah's high kick! 

Its nice to start them young. This kid will probably beat the crap out of me. His kicks are strong and his punches gives out a loud thud. The trainers teach them the moves, the techniques, the footwork and the discipline   - which is the most important thing in this sport. After their session, the kid gave his instructors a nod - a sign of respect. Martial arts in any form is always about respect. Respect for your opponent, to ur environment and to yourself. Learning it in a very young age is a huge progress in life. I grew up watching Karate kid and i think Mr Miyagi once said that.. Hehe i dunno, crrect me if im wrong. I dunno if its Mr. Miyagi or Jacky Chan :)

Erwin again wanted a photo of his flying knee and man oh man i was surprised he can jump like that and how flexible  his body was. Imagine thats your chin on his knee, i bet you'l probably eat breakfast using  a straw... Love this photo... 

at the wall

mike got thunder kicks as well

that facial expression is tremendous! i can actually feel the pain 
Submission Sports Philippines currently has a deal with Ensogo and i tell you this is one great deal. For only P999 php, you will have 1 month unlimited training in a choice of Muay Thai, Kids Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazillian  Jiujitzu or NOGI grappling plus 1 free private orientation class. Buy your vouchers now at ensogo and learn Mixed Martial Arts from one of the best fighters in the country.  
I would like to thank Mr. Erwin Tagle for accommodating us with the shoot. Such a nice guy. Also to our instant models, Robbie, Sarah, Chino, Mike, Mac and to all of the guys at the gym.. thank you so much for this awesome hoot. I would like to thank my assistant Jonathan for holding my strobes. Thanks guys. This is such a wonderful experience and im hoping to shoot more MMA action in the future.
Submission Sport Philippines is located at 2/F Bramante Tower, Renaissance Center, Meralco Ave, Pasig City. For more info, give em a call at (+632) 2161465 

Im gonna leave you with a quote that inspired me. Saw this one at the gym and it sez : " LEAVE YOUR EGO OUT THE DOOR "

More photos at this link 

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