Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dulcelin Gourmet Restaurant

When I tasted Dulcelin Gourmet's Mango Torte for the first time, I was totally blown away! It's immaculately delicious. Im not goofin around or putting on that hype.. it is really good i swear. Those mango filling is absolutely awesome! The crust is made of the most delicious peanut brittle i ever tasted. It's not too sweet not to plain either. It's just right... It's like a symphony of flavors right down to your palette. This is one of the best desserts i highly recommend. 

The delicious mango torte is available in 9" and 12". Im not sure if they have something smaller than 9". Last year, Dulcelin Gourmet ran a deal with and I bought a voucher. A lot of my friends also bought the deal and they loved it as well. They will launch a deal again this year and I can't wait to buy some!  

Dulcelin Gourmet just opened their restaurant that I believe their first one so far over at UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City. The place is big! Its spacious, relaxing and its quite near to our home and its also along the way when i come home from work! 

I am very happy and excited for Dulcenin Gourmet. I was an avid customer of their cakes and visit their place back at Times Street and look at it now! It's already a full pledged restaurant! Many thanks to Ms. Pepper and her staff for the great hospitality and for the free slice of that delicious mango torte! Im' gonna come back real soon and visit your restaurant once in a while...

I'll just have to reminisce once again the beauty, the rich flavor of this amazing dessert. This is best with coffee and I really enjoyed this wonderful snack. If you have time, you might want to visit their restaurant over at UP Town Center. That new mall right after Ateneo, beside Miriam College. Dulcelin Gourmet is located at the 2nd Floor. 

What an awesome shoot. Right now, the taste still lingers inside my head...


  1. great entry! sharing this.

  2. i agree with your review. i have eaten here twice and food is superb and the interiors are not too busy and quite relaxing to be in.


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