Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mango Season is Here

Mangoes mangoes and more mangoes! I think those days of smoking the mango trees finally paid off! They say, smoke makes the mango tree bear more flowers which eventually turns into fruit. Tito Walbert occasionally does that every night, (too bad for our neighbors coz they are probably cursing our asses already, i guess we should give em some mangoes for the aggravation). Now, there are mangoes everywhere! This is the day of the reaping. Freshly picked green mangoes straight from the basket. =)   

As we were hauling down the mangoes,  we saw this odd shaped one and my father called it a "kambal" or a twin. I never saw one before and of course you know me mr.photographer wants to take a photo of it. This happens rarely so i have to document it. Mango with a genetic disorder...   

Tito walbert is starting to peel the mangoes one by one and here it is! With some matching bagoong  (shrimp paste) this one is ready to eat! Go grab a piece and lets enjoy one of pinoy's favorite snacks.. manga at bagoong. Chow! 

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