Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Red Garlic Bistro Cafe

Of all the restaurants in Bonifacio Global City, its quite hard to choose which restaurant would be the best to go to. You got a lot of choices! But theres one restaurant, which actually just started its operation very recently, moves on top of my list. Welcome to Red Garlic Bistro Buffet! Food here is really delicious! The Pomelo salad on top is one of those salads that i would never forget.. the mix of pomelo and shrimps is simply delicious! Im a sucker for shrimps so this one is definitely one of my favorites.... 

Then we tried their Florence Pizza which is also fabulous in taste.... its really good.. 

their california makis are quite big in size.. also very delicious.. 

their fish n chips are splendid! that sauce is really delicious...

these chilli poppers are my favorite as well. Its like those chilli fingers or dynamite but with a twist! The chili is stocked with delicious taco fillings which are quite spicy in taste then wrapped in cheese and lumpia wrapper... Dip it in to its special sauce..served in this really neat shot glasses. Awesome presentation by the way. This ones is really good! 

 they also serves us with these thirst quenching drinks! I love the one in the middle.. the blue margarita... it tastes really good...

 interiors are also fabulous. I like the tall ceilings... it gives you that feeling of space. Its nice and cozy. The chairs and tables are very neat and not the ordinary... wonderfully designed. very clean and spacious. 2 thumbs up! 

Red Garlic is located at two parkade, 30th Ave Corner 7th Ave.. You can give them a call if you want to reserve a seat.. Just dial 856-2822  

Visit Red Garlic, im sure you will love it!  

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