Monday, May 19, 2014

Salud Mexican Restaurant

Tacos, Nachos...Buffalo wings? If you love these beer-match superstars, you got to visit this new joint at Global City called Salud Mexican Restaurant. Their tacos are ridiculousey delicious! I love the taste of the salsa! It's really good... 

Their nachos are so overwhelming. Usually when I eat nachos, the chips are less than the fillings. Here,  i'ts the other way around! Its really delicious! A must order! 

I love the spice of their buffalo wings. Its not that hot.. but if you wanna get crazy, ask to level up the spice). I just love the taste of their wings. Its not that super spicy.. its just right! 

They also serve cold margaritas and other cocktails! 

What I really like with this place is the al fresco 2nd floor. For people who want to smoke, Im sure they will enjoy this area. Place is really nice and cozy. They play nice tunes as well thanks to their DJ. This is a nice place to hang out. Its not that crowded unlike other the other bars yet food here is really good and the music is fine... I think people in BGC is all about the hype of hanging out to other bars with such big names which is so tight and very crowded you can't almost breathe... Here in Salud, its more relaxing...more comfy..and i think you'd enjoy drinking here  with your friends in a much larger space.  

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