Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sodam Korean Restaurant

I missed blogging. I know im not a born writer and my grammar i guess won't pass on any copywiter's taste.. but what the hell. I really dont give a damn anyway... I just wanna share something really nice.. and delicious. I went to this Korean restaurant near Gilmore street called So Dam Korean Restaurant. Outside its quite small.. But once you go inside, its really spacious. I went on a shoot there for Ensogo and they prepared  this really delicious dishes...  I went on setting up my lights and started shooting. Photo on top is their delicious shabu-shabu! I just love the color on that photo.    

I so love korean food. I find it really healthy. Because you cook it with its own oil. Part of the deal is the unlimited pork or beef samgyupsal. I had a lot of these! Its really good...

thats what Im talkin about... just grill it and eat it along with the vegies. Glazed it with  olive oil mixed with some seasoning and enjoy! Writing this makes me hungry...

 They also have other korean favorites! I love their kimchi! They serve buffet at only 299 pesos for lunch and 399 pesos  for dinner. Come visit their humble place at P.Guevarra St. in Pasig! For more info visit their facebook page. 

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