Monday, September 5, 2011

Off to Dell's for Lunch

Its a beautiful day at BGC and the guys are craving for something better than rice meals at 7/11. We decided to go visit Dell's and dont mind the long walk and high noon scorching heat.

Even Marie and her baby would take that long walk in exchange for a good lunch! That goes along with me and Sanika as well. Im so starving and im craving for something delicious!

Too much sun and a lot of greens are scattered around Global City. The undeniable heat is piercing to my skin but i dont mind, i missed that Palawan tan naman so i wont mind.. haha and, my hunger cancels out everything so keep walking and im just setting my mind for the price... hehe

I never been to Dell's this early. I have been there once with Alan and Marco for a late night booze (Gawd their below zero beers are to die for). There were so many food choices but this beef....beef something (so hungry forgot the name) caught my attention! It looks good and it smells good!

After that sumptuous lunch. I just got to have one of these! This is a classic! Choco Mallows! Dells really knows the cravings for most of the people coz right beside the mollows, you'll see flat tops, and Choc Nut!

Wer on our way back to the office and Gil is doing an attempt to go "planking" on the BGC sign! haha. But it failed! his back cant carry that much weight i guess.. hehe It could have been amazing if properly executed! hehe. Maybe next time.

Met our fellow officemates at the lobby of One Global Place. (from left : Ken, Nikos, Joanna, Glaiza, EZ, Aki and Aa) :)

What a power lunch! So Busog!!

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