Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baker's Hill

Welcome to Baker's Hill! According to our city tour guide, this is one of the famous places here in Palawan. It is home of one of the best Hopias in Puerto Princesa and probably the rest of the country! The good thing about it is that I really love hopia. Most specially the Ube ones. Funny thing, those are the ones that they sell and they say its so damn good! The photo above is the home of the owner of Baker's Hill. His crib definitely should be showcased at MTV coz his domain rocks!

Abby and I are photoholics ourselves and we cant help strike a pose with this guy over here. :)

It should be practiced anywhere you go. They say Cleanliness is next to Godliness and being clean on your surroundings reflects what kind of people live on that area. This shows these people are neat, organized and very wealthy!

There's a lifesize wooden sculpture of a kalase right at the lawn and Xandi is dying to try to ride the wooden horse! She went up and fulfilled her horse riding hunger and snapped a photo at the peak of her excitement! =)

Flowers are everywhere. Theres a chock-full of flowers scattered around Baker's hill which makes the place really relaxing. I saw this saucer like clay thingee on the ground which is filled with water and adorned with fresh flowers! Such thing of beauty...

Besides the flowers, the place has a mini aviary and these sculptures will greet you as you enter. At fast glance you would think this white cockatoos are real!

I never saw a peacock before and this is a first for me. I never knew they are so beautiful. Male peacocks are the ones have this fancy colored feathers while the females only has this earth colored feathers and i guess this the only time that males are adorned vivaciously rather than females. Its like these guys are on a long dress instead of the women. When they show up their feathers..this is their way to show other peacocks their swag.... my do is better than yo's dawg... shoo!

Baker's Hill is such a nice place to tour around if you're into flowers, plants, orchids in particular..and of crs great hopia! I had a great time.. :) I dunno what this kid is up to...

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