Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mitra's Ranch

This is the late Ramon Mitra's ranch. Sit ups right on the hill giving it a wide view of the bay. I guess this is everyone's dream having a view like this as you glance upon your window. The ranch has this vast array of green fields that is screaming for relaxation. Cold fresh air smacks your cheeks and gives a very relaxing feeling...

This is Ramon Mitra's house . With its remarkable and unique design, you cant help stand in awe. Great architecture plus an extra ordinary environment makes this place a very relaxing place to stay..

The tour guide told us theres a zipline at the ranch. When i saw it i just said to myself..whoa! The zipline is divided into three parts. 1st part is 200 meter zipline which is really exhilarating!!

Thanks to Abby for this photo. This is me preparing for launch! Oh man im kinda scared at this point but im more than excited than being scared. Once the staff let go of the rope.. its excitement to the effest level! What a rush!

Its quite slow at first then its starting to get fast as i was travelling down the hills. Its crazy! I guess that is one of the fastest way to spend your 500 pesos! Well.. its 3 ziplines actually and the experience is priceless. Id do it again if given a chance! :)

Im not gonna leave Puerto Princesa without trying this one out and damn! it just gave me a serious headache! Its like all my blood is in my head... im just waiting for my eyes to pop out...crazy! But definitely worth trying!

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