Saturday, September 3, 2011

Binuatan Creations

Part of our City tour is the Binuatan Creations. This is a famous place where you will find hand woven products made from Abaca. This is where handicraft shops in Manila like "Kultura" get their products. Whats nice about this place is that everything is old school. They are using these simple weaving machines that our ancestors use.

The fibers are dyed and then segregated, ready for production. They will make a lot of stuff such as table placemats, bags, wallets, fans all made from abaca.

They got a lot of colors to choose from. Its amazing seeing such things in raw and turning it into something beautiful.

I even learned how to weave! Too bad i did not use my camera for the photo... our friend Jay has the photo and hopefully he uploads it! That includes the photo were this huge scorpion is crawling on my arms! hehe Jay upload it ! Goin back, this one is almost finish. I guess this will become a really nice table runner...

In order to support the creative people of Binuatan Creations, i bought most of my pasalubongs here. Like this placemat, i bought it for my mother who is really happy about it. :)

I never thought im gonna do weaving for the rest of my life. I thought i'l just watch it hows its done in NatGeo. When i was at the factory, what the heck., im going to give this one a try! And.. its not that complicated actually. Its real simple. Just step on the pedal, put the stick in place., then step on again on the pedal.. hehe.. its nice and simple. But the employees there are like machines who do it with very fast pace...

Weaving.. =) another first in Palawan.

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