Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Portrait of an Old Man

If theres one thing inevitable in this world, getting old is one of them. Whenever I see an old man, I see wisdom. With every wrinke in his face resembles years of experience, trials, adversities, happiness and adventures. Some people feel sad every time they see an old man because their time will soon come to an end. Pero para sa akin, kung tatanda din lang ako ng puno ng saya sa buhay, ok lang kung madami akong kunot sa mukha. I was anxious to take a photo of him at first, pero gusto ko talagang kunan sya ng litrato. Parang di ko mapapatawad sarili ko kapag di ko kinuha yung shot. I sneaked the camera out and waited for the perfect facial expression and this is the best one that I could get. I love this photo so much that it moved me…

In this photo, ano sa tingin mo iniisip nya? I was actually surprised nung sinabi nya sa katabi nya na " Saan daw PO kayo bababa ?" There was lolo, (i think he's already on his 70's or 80's) na nag po "po" sa isang dalagitang high school student. Maybe hes just very polite. As he took off, he gave a very faint and light tap on the roof with his utterly soft voice coming out saying "Para..". Then everybody yelled saying, "Para daw!!!"

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