Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mesmerized at Good Fellas

Did you know that the Chinese people are on record as having eaten pasta as early as 5,000 B.C.! Also Marco Polo did not discover pasta. The ancient Italians did according to ancient drawings found in caves in Rome and they made pasta much like we do today. Some fun facts about pasta. But there's one thing for sure, the Apollona's Seafood Pasta at Good Fellas is absolutely delicious. Now thats a fact! 

Enjoy its mouth-watering goodness as you bite into that succulent mussels...those tasty shrimps, those al dente' noodles smothered in this delicious tomato sauce. This pasta is perfection. I'm already happy taking pictures of it...what more eating it! I feel so blessed! When i had my fork-full of noodles, it's like... sliding over a rainbow and onto the clouds of goodnessss! Haha. It's just so good.. You have to try it for yourself to appreciate it... 

Good Fellas not only makes delicious pasta, they also make delicious,  jaw-breaking, heart pounding, calorie rich , lean angus beef burgers!!!! Good lord! This half pound Angus Beef burger topped with bacon strips is just insanity for your dining pleasures! Its sooooo delicious! As in really delicious. Its kinda hard eating this one because its so big! I have to squish it down real good in order for me to devour this monster burger! I tell you., this is absolutely delicious. Lunacy beyond flavor!  The beef is so tender.. its juicy... its just amazing in taste. This is a must try at Good Fellas... 

Hold on to your horses coz it's not yet over! I saved the best for last! The Good Fellas House Steak is a 1 inch thick U.S. Certified charbroiled Angus Beef served with  delicious fried rice or  fresh mashed potatoes plus a side salad. When you slice it in, the fork just slides easily... Soft and tender meat.... its really juicy.. its like tears of flavor comes out as you pierce the meat..... When you chew on it.. its like a symphony of flavour.. its sooooo good. This one is undeniably one of the best steaks in the Metro.... It's really.. really good.... Ugh. i wanna cry. I want one now..

The next time you are craving for some delicious steaks, awesome burgers and really delicious pastas.. you might wanna consider dropping by at Good Fellas.  Food there is absolutely delicious. You will also love the interior of the restaurant lalo na if you love movies like The Godfather, Scarface and the likes. For more info, visit their facebook page. Visit them at #56 T. Gener corner K-1st strreet Kamuning Quezon City. 

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