Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Queens Taj Mahal

I'm a great fan of Indian food. The last time I had one when I went to Boracay and theres  an Indian Restaurant called True Food Indian Cuisine. As far as I can remember, thats the first time I tried Indian food and I really enjoyed it! Yesterday, I re-lived all those memories when a plateful of Naan pita bread was served in front of me! Welcome to Queens Taj Mahal in Jupiter Street in Makati! If you're into authentic Indian food, you will love this place! This dish is called Dhal Makhni with the delicious Garlic Naan on the background. Just rip a small part of the Naan and dunk it in! Its really good. 

This is called the Masala Papadum. It's like a really huge nacho with tomatoes and other spices at the middle. :D It's crunchy and it tastes really good.  Just hold on to it gently  coz it crumbles into pieces if you don't.  

This is their mixed vegetable curry. I love this. Im a fan of curry. I dunno i just love the taste of it.  

their mutton biryani is really delicious. Partner it with the mixed vegetable curry and its goodness beyond expectation. Its really good. Kahit walang ulam, masarap! It's so good. This is a must order. 

their chicken tanodoori is really delicious. I rarely eat chicken with an indian twist and this one is just enjoyment in every bite. It's really good. 

 this their version of the buttered chicken... too bad I havent seen the chicken in this pic because it still bathes in its really thick butter sauce! on the background is the butter naan which is its usual partner. 

this is their mutton sheek kebab. best partnered with the buttered naan. Get a small piece of Naan and roll it in with a piece of the kebab and add some of its sauce. Its really good! im starting to get hungry writing this blog... 

This is the interior of the Queens Taj Mahal. I took advantage of the flood of light coming inside. I played a little with the white balance and gave it a glamorous touch. This is just a portion of the big room but since there are still people eating, i gave my best not to include them inside the frame... Great interior. Great place.  

I want to thank sir Vijay and his staff  for the food they have prepared for us. I really enjoyed my stay there. I'm sure I'l visit your restaurant real soon... 

till the next food adventure! 
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