Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big Small Art by Dr. Joel Mendez

I have been a great fan of Art ever since. Actually I am a frustrated painter. I tried to paint before but im not really good at it. But somehow, it helped me with my composition skills when taking photographs. I actually miss painting. Maybe someday i'l do a piece but that only if time permits. With my busy and hectic schedule, adding an extra hobby can be really hard. 

I was fortunate enough to photograph masterpieces by these talented young painters. Dr. Joel Mendez has his own line of art pieces and it was showcased at the Manila Art 2012 exhibit over at SMX Convention Center  in SM Mall of Asia. Since Ensogo and Dr. Mendez are business partners, they asked me to take photos of his art collection. 

Id like you to meet Jason Cortez with his wonderful creation. His painting is an eye stunner among the visitors of the event. He told me that the lady is his sister. Took a photo of her and then he painted it in this really huge canvas. It took months for this painting to finish. Jason is a soft spoken guy. He told me he wanted to learn more about photography as well. He is no doubt a master in his craft in his young age.  

It was also a privilege to meet Aleah Angeles, a very young artist showing her work at the back. Very interesting piece. A stunner as well. At a young age of 24, her talent with the brush is exceptional. Also a soft spoken lady.. She has a great smile actually, but im afraid she doenst want to show it on photo. :)   

 Also met up with young artist Froilan Calayag with 2 of his works. Interesting pieces as well. Too bad he took off early and didnt had the chance to take a photo of them 3 all together. 

Dr. Mendez took a pose as well along with Jason and Aleah. 

 Dr. Mendez's Big and Small Art Collection is one of the best exhibits at the Manila Art 2012. The pieces are really beautiful and a lot of people are asking questions about the paintings. It was fun taking photos of the paintings.Somehow an art attack switch turned on inside me making me want to make a painting of my own. 

This is what I like about my job. I meet a lot of extra-ordinary people. Mingle with them, ask them questions about their insights and views. Its been a stressful day actually but its all worth it. Art somehow runs in my veins.Witnessing these awesome creations is a great experience. I would like to thank Dr. Mendez for his warm hospitality. To Aleah, Jay and Froilan, thank you for your awesome masterpieces.Also to the staff for letting me charge my batteries at the event. Thank you so much. It was fun!


  1. Awesome works! Until when will they showcase this? I want to visit!

  2. sadly hanggang sunday lang sila... =( this sunday..


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