Saturday, October 6, 2012

Reyes Barbecue

Reyes BBQ is one of my favorite BBQ joints around the metro. Their BBQs are juicy and delicious. I also love their grilled bangus! My experience with the photoshoot was unforgettable. I met Mr. Frank Reyes himself, the owner of Reyes BBQ. He is a very nice man. Very smart, down to earth and his love for Basketball is really something. I also met Chef Kiko who happens to be a food stylist as well! His food styling kit is huge! You'l see there dental tools, food coloring and a blow torch! He is really a very talented guy when it comes to food styling.  They launched a deal with Ensogo and this is once heck of a deal. Huge discounts on their BBQ meals and Chicken BBQ meal. Visit for more info. See the deal page here . 

Grab your vouchers now! Many thanks to Sir Frank for the hospitality. We held the photoshoot at his humble abode. Also to Chef kiko for his brilliant work. Also to his staff who is very helpful and meticulously prepared the dishes. Thank you so much for the experience. 

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