Friday, October 26, 2012

2012 Ensogo Halloween Party

 Time flies so fast its like a blink of an eye, November is already knocking and the amazing people of Ensogo celebrated their annual Halloween Party at the Ensogo office in Bonifacio Global City. Last year's party was fun specially with the traditional trick or treat with the kids. But this year was really something!  

The decorations were awesome. Balloons were everywhere! They also hired a professional party host for the kids. There were games, magic tricks and face painting!

And of course! It aint a party without food! The HR department prepared some delicious meals for the kids and for the adults alike! I love jake's "band-aid" which is basically  graham crackers + cream cheese + strawberry jam. simple and delicious!

Kidshad a great time with an overload of candies! From the games and also from the magic tricks, they surely had fun! I actually enjoyed it as well! 

But the real highlight of the party is the costumes and the masks! The production team's awesome masks were really amazing! All that gore, blood and carnage. Amazing creativity!  

 There were interesting ones as well! The research and yield management team had their interesting crayon costumes! Very creative! I love it!.

 But EJ's mask / costume is pure effort! Made from paper mache using paper towels, white glue and acrylic paints, he made this really disgusting, rotting masks that looks so real! He belongs to the right department! Good job EJ!

Nikos and Anne's masks are scary as well! Specially Anne's!Look at that teeth and the hair! Its just scary!  

Also with this kid with a really nice darth vader costume! I always wanted a mask like that! 

 I would like to congratulate the Marketing department for winning the 1st price in the annual Halloween party presentation. Last year was from the production team's great effort in making the haunted house hat. This year its the guys from Marketing who bagged the crown . Good job guys! Sunshine's costume is just amazing!

Sir Win's mask is inspired from the movie "Chucky"! Awesome mask as well! Very creative!

 This year's Halloween party is one for the books! The kids really enjoyed it. The decorations were awesome. The effort poured to make the masks and costumes is just phenomenal. Everybody is a winner actually. I went home at around 2 am already because i have to finish all my product shoots in preparation for the long weekend. I just locked myself up inside the studio with some house music and a couple of beers. What a great night!

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