Sunday, April 10, 2016

Can't Get Enough of Calaguas

For the nth time, I went to Calaguas once again. My chill and happy beach!  There's something about this place that's like a magnet to me. It attracts me like gravity. You just can't get enough of it.  But this year's trip is different. I'm going by myself. Technically, I'm not alone since it was a group trip from Biyahe Lokal. Thank goodness the people were are all a bunch of happy, crazy, outgoing and gorgeous... Met some new friends. Drank beer by the beach. Climbed mountains..and had a good share of laughs! Maybe thats the reason why I go back. Even though every corner of it misses me of someone i shared good memories for the longest time...

Weather is fine on the first day. Scorching hot. Almost no clouds that made the waters look insanely blue. The sea is not that rough... and there was no traffic with the boats going out the open sea. Last year was dreadful.  It took as almost an hour just to get out Vinzons port...  Its quite a surprise because theres a lot of people at the beach since its holy week and because of the long weekend yet we arrived early as scheduled. 

On our second day, it was a different story.  Clouds are starting to roll in. Rain is imminent. Made the whole sky gloomy... Which actually made the locals happy since its been a while when it rained in Calaguas.  But it didn't stopped us from doing things that we love....

Drinking beer!!!!  This is just the 1st batch! Many more to come!  Good thing that the clouds just dropped by and just provided us shade for a few moments.... I also bought my 1st Lagu beach blanket. Sand really doesn't stick to it. Great for moments like this.. hanging out.. sitting in the shade.. reading, drinking.. or sleeping.  Its pricey (P995 for a freaking blanket) but its all worth it!  O sya sya.. Buksan na yan!  Shot na! When I sat foot at the island, i was so thirsty. I went to the store and asked for a cold Coca Cola... The lady said they dont have a cold one yet but they have a cold beer.... thats the first thing i did in calaguas on that day... drank beer! haha

 Tacio had a great idea of bringing a kite... and yeah. It's quite unusual but its fun! I never thought of that actually. Since its windy and free from telephone lines, the beach is one of the best places to fly a kite. Chicks love it! 

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. Why? Because its an accident. This freakin' kid just ran in front of me and I almost dropped my camera.. When I placed down the camera, I fired a series of burst shots and this came out. I like the minimalist feel... the action of the kid and the splash of the waves.  This is actually a kodak moment. Wonderful things come in unexpected ways...parang pag-ibig lang.

I was getting woozy so i decided to take a short nap..  The joy of doing nothing. I was just staring..Just lookin up. Enjoying the blue sky and the green leaves fall as you listen to the  sound of waves crashing... Sobrang chillax lang. I kinda miss it already...  

I took my camping experience to a much simpler approach. Unlike last year, this set up is not to much but its comfy. I brought a large pillow and I just have to thank myself for that. I had a better sleep at the van and also inside the tent. Its way better than rolling up your towel...  I also bought an earth pad and a silk blanket! I slept really well on that 950 peso tent! Yup. its that cheap. :) Good thing the seams did not tore out after the strong winds. I saw some some small tear though but it held together. 

And these are my fellow neighbors.. i like their choice of music. And it seems that they'r having fun! 

We went hiking from one of the hills. One of the guests brought a drone... but he didnt took the chance to fly it. Because its really windy.  He said, it's his second drone and he doesnt want to crash it again. I really love this view. Air is fresh.. soothing..very relaxing.  Calaguas doesnt have a phone signal except here. This is the best spot to call someone that you're still alive.... When you're here.. you have to stop taking photos for a while and just look at it. Stand still and just savor the moment.  

What I like about this group trips is meeting up new people who has the same passion for travelling. You arrive as strangers and all of a sudden as the trip goes., you became friends who seem you guys knew each other for the longest time! I really had a blast!  I actually have another trip going this April 23 to Alibijaban beach via Biyahe Lokal! So guys, see you soon! 

Im thinking of a good parting message to end this blog.... They say, you should collect experiences rather than material things.... i should stop my addiction in buying shoes... haha. and save money and go travel! Theres a lot of places to go! Theres a lot of places to see.. Sand to beach bum to.  Waterfalls and cliffs to dive on or planes to jump off to!  Life is short. Lets do this when we're still young. It's fun being crazy and wild. Just watch your ass all the time and be careful.  Im hopin to write more travel blogs. Its actually one of my dream jobs - to travel and get paid. 

Thank you Biyahe Lokal! See you soon! 

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