Monday, May 21, 2012

The Ensogo Studio

Just recently, Ensogo-LivingSocial was kind enough to give me a little space to shoot products for retail. Not only that, they provided equipment to shoot portraits, group shots, group jump shots and a lot more! Just today, I was shooting  these really nice Satchel bags, soon to launched at Ensogo-LivingSocial's website. My model for today is the lovely Ms. Dee who looks really good with her purple Pashmina, that goes along with the brown and purple strapped bag. Ms. Dee is one of the freshest faces of Ensogo yet shes one of the most hardworking individuals the company ever have. Lucky enough to have a portrait of her due to her very busy schedule.  She kinda looks like Alice Dixon isnt she? :)

I also took photos of Carol, one of our awesome Web Developers. Shes just a beautiful pregnant woman and photographing her is my pleasure. I just love her prenatal portraits. Thanks to Luisa Gimenez for helping me out with the make-up :) 

Here's Luisa with Renz having photo of their own 

Jocy and Tin raided the studio as well and gladly captured photos of them. 

 Of course our boss deserves a good portrait! This is actually a candid shot. 

 I should have a photo of my own of course! Here with Clarisse with this wacky shot. 

I always dreamed of having a studio of my own and this one is so close to reality. I am really thankful  for these blessings and I do hope that someday i will have my own studio...a big one! Its free to dream right?  There are a lot of things to learn . Lot of actuations to burn. I want to be really good at this. I so love photography and i think im gonna be doing this even if im really old... Thank you Ensogo for giving me the privilege to learn how to become a better photographer. I promise to return this favor by giving the best photos i could ever have.  

More photos at my facebook. Click on this link

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