Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sugarleaf Organic Market and Cafe

Health is Wealth as they say. Sometimes we let a lot of junk inside our body. Too much fatty food. Most of them are processed. Too much sugar and salt.. We all know that everything too much is bad for our body. We need something to cleanse it. Something to even it out. Something to get rid of this unnecessary toxins that we feed inside. We need something healthy. And this cafe offers everything healthy. Welcome to Sugarleaf. One of the few Vegan and Vegetarian cafes you will ever find in the Metro. Lets reminisce their delicious food!  
These are Crabsticks and Mango Wraps. Its more of like sushi if you look at it. I forgot what is the green veggie inside. I think its some kind of a cabbage, arugula or something. Im not really sure. Then there were crabsticks and mango inside. Best with their home made dip which i think are made with probiotics which are very good to your body. Their Crabsticks and Mango wraps are one of the their best sellers. This is the one you must order if you happen to dine here. 

I also tasted their Organic Soya Chia Strawberry smoothie. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that will boost your body's immune system. Of course its strawberry and its one of my favorite fruits. This is really refreshing and very healthy! 

This one is called  the Jello's Coco-Kefir Ice Cream. Again, this is not your usual ice cream. This is very healthy. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals. This ice cream actually tastes like Yakult! Imagine yakult in an ice cream. you can actually taste its healthy goodnes in there since it has live microorganisms and probiotics which is good for the body.  It has this coconuty taste since it uses cocosugar instead of the ordinary white sugar which they say is bleached, and un-natural.  Its really good.  I love it. 

Now these cookies are one hell of a treat. These are so delicious! These are Organic Oat, Sultana and Nut Cookies. I am actually addicted with oatmeal since im doin my serious fight to weight loss and im starting eating oatmeal for snacks. I usually buy oatmeal cookies and some milk as my morning breakfast every time i pass by Family Mart at the MRT station. This one is no ordinary oatmeal cookies and i would love to have these ones for a change.  

Sugarleaf is definitely one of my favorite cafes right now because they serve healthy and organic food. Give your body a healthy treat by trying some of Sugarleaf's best tasting dishes! This is the place to be for all of you Vegans, vegetarians and to all those health buffs out there! Sugarleaf is located at the corner of Buendia and Paseo de Roxas street. It's inside the Medicard Building. You wont miss it. Its just right off the curve! I actually love the view of the busy streets of Paseo corner Buendia from the inside.  I really enjoyed my visit here. Im sure i'l drop by again sometime if i had the chance. Many thanks to their friendly staff. They have been very helpful.  It's been a pleasure working with you guys. Thank you! Being healthy is a choice. If healthy food is not your thing, try visiting sugarleaf and im sure you will think twice! Another great food adventure! #youlovemyjob #goodeats

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