Friday, September 6, 2013

Pump Juice Bars

If you're that kind of person who puts health over anything else, this is the best place to go to. I heard about pump juice bars when i was listening to boys night out. Sam YG was actually plugging the juice bar and i was intrigued since these guys know what are they are talking about so im sure this is probably one of the best out there.  I was lucky enough to taste one of their best sellers and one of my favorites out there is the wheat grass shots! These are natural energy boosters. One shot of these wonder drink is equivalent to 2 lbs of vegetables! Its that nutritious!    

I really love juicing. Its a lot better than drinking coke or coffee. It gives you that thirst quenching magic that everybody loves and it gives you that non drowsy jolt that helps you a lot when you're really sleep and feelin like a zombie... i love this. and i know you will as well. 

One more thing.. they have ipads on their tables. This is actually a brillant idea  coz customers can facebook  or tweet or  foursquare the store while waiting for their drinks. This is just perfect. I actually had a chance to instagram my drink and its an instant advertising for the place. Pump Juice Bar.. love it. Go visit their place at the hub over at Greenfield in Shaw. 

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