Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Joe's Meatshack

This is my first time to eat at the busy streets of kapitolyo in pasig. You will see a lot of establishments lined up and its quite hard to choose coz theres so many. But one thing's for sure, if you consider Joe's Meatshack, you wont regret it. Their food there is simply delicious. One of my favorites is their Fries topped with pork strips and smothered with melted cheese...its so good. that picture on top makes me really hungry right now. 

Another favorite treat are the Buffalo wings. I had a lot of these actually. Its really delicious. I so love the coating of the chicken. Well, i like it not super spicy unlike the others. This is just perfect. Dunk it in to its white sauce and its like you had an orgasm or something. its so good.. u'l be closing your eyes munching your food. 

this is perfect with beer! well, as much as i wanted to drink beer, i cant coz im still working and i dont wanna goof up my shots. maybe some other time when work is not around. i'd probably order a bowl of these all by myself. :) 

Another favorite dish of mine is their pork steak in thick caramel sauce. Man this is the bomb. You can taste the caramel exploding inside your mouth. I love it. Its sweet, but not that much. It compliments the dip and i do believe thats something of a pineapple puree dip. Its good! I love this dish. 

They also serve some fish and chips. I love their fries so much its kinda addicting! Their dory is just perfect. Nice and soft. Tender in the inside. A dash of lemon and a little dip really does it well. Order this if you can. One of my favorites.  

I like the interior of this place because its really spacious. Space is relatively important to me because it gives me a sense of freedom. Freedom to eat my food at ease. Lights are dim. The sounds are kickin in real good (they sell loudbasstards here)... good place to hang out and chill.

I'm gonna leave you with this really nice quote written on the wall as you enter the place. Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times. Its actually those are the things that matter in life. Things that will make you happy and feel alive. At the end of the day, you will revive silly moments and cherish it all together with laughs, ,maybe with a couple bottle of beers and some good food. Sometimes you just got to live with things that matter and just brush all the negativity and hatred aside. 

Many thanks to Sec and Aaron for bringing me here. For the ride. Thank you. To the staff of Joe's Meatshack, thank you po! Your  food is one hell of a treat! Thank you! 

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