Saturday, September 7, 2013

Golden Waffles

First of all, i would like to thank Doc Iris for giving me this privilege to photograph her delicious waffles! Im actually making her marketing materials for her upcoming waffle place called Golden Waffles. She made a lot of waffles that day. Some of them are quite new to my eyes. This Biscoff Stuffed waffle is one of the favorites!

She also serves Blueberry waffles, strawberry filled waffles, Nutella stuffed waffles... some banana peanut butter waffles  and a whole lot more! All of these are really delicious!!!! 

Since im a sucker for strawberries, this one right here is a sure winner! 

 and of course, the blueberry waffles are one of my favorites as well. They also have the blueberry and cream cheese waffles that is actually my personal favorite! You should try it sometime! Im sure you will love it as well! 
I wanna thank again Doc Iris for having me. Im really excited for her restaurant that will open really soon. Watch out for it!

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