Monday, September 23, 2013

Beef Shack BBQ and Ribs

For the past few days i have been scouring the streets of Tomas Morato for some great and affordable food. I came across this place called  G-Strip, just beside Guilley's Bar over at Tomas Morato just near ABS-CBN (in front of Gerry's Grill). And there are a number of food joints there to choose from. And one of them is called "The Beef Shack". G-Strip used to be Guilley's parking lot and they converted it into a huge food place. Its like a big food court where different food kiosks are lined up. Personally, i love grilled food. Steaks and barbecues are kinda my thing and when i saw this place called Beef Shack, i was really intrigued. I  tried their delicious Grilled Beef Short Ribs and man that was really delicious. You can easily peel off the meat like crazy. Its so soft and tender. When you put it inside your mouth, an instant burst of flavor will just hit you! Its really good i swear. It kinda melts inside your mouth as you chew it gently. 
Beef Shack launched a deal at Ensogo for their ribs and I actually bought a voucher because I really want to enjoy this delicious ribs once again. Original price is P450 per plate but when you buy the voucher thru ensogo you'l have it for only P289! (See ensogo link here.)Thats a great value! A big bang for your buck! I wanna share this with my friends. Try it! im sure you will love it as well! 

Beef shack also serves one of the most delicious roast beef. Perfect with their one of a kind mashed potatoes. The sauce is just perfect! It has this little sweetness that I really love. The meat is really tender and soft. You can easily slice it without any effort :) I enjoyed having this one as well! Instead of having it with mashed potatoes and you wanna go traditional with rice, that would be better only if you have an extra cup! Because im pretty sure - mapapakanin ka sa sarap! (you'll have more rice coz its really good).

Beef shack also serve delicious burgers! I love this one right here. I think its a half pounder burger ( pls correct me if im wrong) and it has veggies, and two kinds of cheese - melted cheese and cream cheese! I never seen that combination on a burger before! It's fattening and i dont care! It's really good! They also serve it with these delicious fries. I love it!

Beef Shack is just one of the joints who serve good food over at G-Strip. Theres a lot more actually! So if you're into a rush for something good to eat, you might wanna consider dropping by near Guilleys and satisfy your cravings! Many thanks to Alf for the food! Sobrang sarap ng chibog nyo dyan! Thanks also to Sec for helping me with my strobes! 

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